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The Absorber

A decentralized deflationary yield farming protocol.

Absorber revolutionizes DeFi by solving all of its major problems: rugs, bugs, hyperinflation, gas costs, and impermanent losses.

The Absorption Protocol

The protocol is designed to absorb and lock a portion of the circulating supply from all transactions. The absorption works on a compounding cure, exponentially absorbing the number of tokens in circulation relative to the ever growing balance which creates upwards price pressure.

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Upwards Floor Locking Mechanism

The absorbing mechanism removes tokens from circulation by taxing everyone that sells $ABS with a 2% tax that is absorbed by the smart contract government and added back as permanent trading liquidity, thus adding more liquidity and automatically creating upward price pressure.

Passive Yield Farming

Absorber token's contract uses a rebalancing mechanic to interact with transactions and enables the PYF function. This is one of ABS's core features giving the investor an automatic yield farming for just holding ABS in your wallet.

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Active Yield Farming

Absorber rewards investors for supplying liquidity to the protocol by using an AYF function. Some of the best APY in the DeFi space can be found within ABS's fully secured vaults.Absorber's tokenomics provide 30% of the total supply as rewards to all active yield farming activities.

Token Distribution

Absorber is hard capped at 1,000,000 ABS, 1% of all taxes get distributed to all token holders' wallets, including offline or ledger wallets. With every sell 2% is Absorbed into the smart contract and instantly sent to LP on Pancake Swap, where it is locked forever. By doing this it creates an increasing price floor with every sell. Absorber is the first protocol to have this feature, there are many imitators but none are the original. A small fraction of the 2% is sent to a dead wallet, based on its weight and relative total supply, where it is burn forever. This creates pressure for an ever-decreasing supply availble for circulation/purchase.

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Certik Audit

Absorber was audited by Certik on March 23rd, 2021. Method of  audit is Static Analysis and Manual Review.