The Absorber

A decentralized deflationary yield farming protocol

Absorber revolutionizes DeFi by solving all of its major problems: rugs, bugs, hyperinflation, gas costs, and impermanent losses

Absorber News — PYF Function is LIVE since 19 February 2021 03:00 UTC

Migration News Because of the Core Function Activation, all the Ethereum ABS holders will no longer receive a 1:1 Swap, but instead they will still be eligible for Unlimited Time, to receive the ratio of 1:0.99 ABS, meaning they will receive 1% less of their Original ERC20 holdings (which have no other usage than migration).

BUY & SELL Slippage. In order to Sucessfully Buy or Sell it requires to have a slippage of at least 1% everytime you want to BUY and a slippage of at least 3% everytime you want to SELL.

How to Change Slippage

For every transaction that involves ABS, there´s a 1% Tax, and a 2% Tax on each Sell

Absorber—a new and innovative DeFi protocol

Decentralized Finance is in a state of disaster. There is over $13 billion dollars of total value locked (TVL) and over $200 million dollars has been hacked/stolen from DeFi projects in 2020. Exploits, bugs, and rugs, specifically where the owner continues to hold control over the smart contract, are to blame. Let us add that ownership of a contract is actually centralized finance in the same way that a bank has power to freeze your funds.

Yield farming. It requires one to give up control of funds (albeit temporarily) for rewards which can require high gas costs in Ethereum Network the reason why we Migrated to Binance Smart Chain ($9.75 in gas fees to claim your rewards, anyone?). Even worse, these DeFi projects are hyper-inflationary, causing two more headaches: the token's value often coming close to zero and impermanent loss (what you put in is worth nowhere close to what you get out at the end).

Well...We are negotiating with Certik to get Licensed and get insured by Insurance Protocols

The Absorber protocol is here to change ALL of that through a innovative method and a hybrid approach.

Core Benefits

Feature 01

No Contract Interaction for our Passive Yield Farming Function

Special farming contracts and no permanent locks on your liquidity means it can't be rugged or exploited.

Feature 02

No Claim Fees for our Passive Yield Farming. Period

The protocol automatically manages the claiming process so that you pay no gas fees to receive your rewards.

Feature 03

No Impermanent Loss in PYF function

Because you're not staking two different cryptocurrencies, your balance never decreases no matter what.

Feature 03


The Absorber grows exponentially by constantly locking a compounding portion of the supply into itself.

Core Features

Feature 04

Passive Yield Farming (PYF)

With PYF You just need to have $ABS in your wallet to earn more of it, and the rewards will appear instantly.

Feature 05


The contract absorbs a portion of all transactions and transfers it into its liquidity pool, forever raising the floor price.

Feature 06

Democratic & Modifiable

Since the tokens function as DAO voters, farmer-traders can use them to execute their will in the protocol.

Feature 06

Contract-Owned Liquidity

Think $CORE: the Absorber is the sole owner of its forever growing, locked, and unwithdrawable liquidity pool.

The ABS Protocol


1% of each transaction is Absorbed

2% is sent to provide liquidity and locked up

1% is re-allocated to all $ABS Holders Proportionally

Deflating circulating supply based on Absorber Core's gravity

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The Core Mechanisms

Amount locked in Absorber


The protocol is designed to absorb and lock a portion of the circulating supply every single transaction.

Although absorption is volume based, it is also weight-based. This means it works on a compounding curve, exponentially absorbing the number of tokens in circulation relative to Absorber's balance which is ever-growing. Then the only way to obtain $ABS is by trading or buying, and that in turn creates upwards price pressure.

Amount locked in Absorber

Upwards Floor Locking (UFL)

In addition to the absorbing mechanism which removes tokens from circulation, Absorber does something else: it locks liquidity from every transaction that takes place into its own liquidity pool, making it available to the community to earn their yield. This in turn creates a price floor which only grows upwards. Unlike other DeFi projects, Absorber welcomes whale orders in either direction because it will always have an ever-increasing, sustainable minimum market cap (SMMC).


To be true to the grand vision, the Absorber protocol must be fully decentralized. This requires governance to be added for the community to control the protocol. After "ACE" (Absorber Creation Event), the contract keys will be burned, and we'll switch to an entirely decentralized mode of operation.

  • Governance Contract Launch

    After ACE, governance is created and launched.
  • Active Yield Farming

    30% of Total Supply is Designated for Farming on the new BEP20 Network.
  • DAO Launch

    Voting is implemented and available to the community through this site.